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Oct 1, 2012 2:00am PDT
different story with the democrats. each week, for years now, we have invite president obama and vice president biden to join us here on fox news sunday and when we last sat down with mr. obama he said he'd be back soon. >> chris: senator obama, thanks for talking with us. >> president barack obama: i enjoyed it. >> chris: don't be a stranger. >> president barack obama: i won't. >> chris: but that was april 27, 2008. it has now been 1,617 days since the president's last appearance and, although senator biden appeared on fox news sunday 35 times, it has been 1,841 days since the vice president last talked with us. in the meantime, we and you have had a lot of questions that have gone unanswered. we'll invite them, again, for next sunday. up next, with the first presidential debate now three days away, we'll ask our sunday group what to look for, wednesday night. ♪ it's a game changer. ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it. design the wells to be safe. thousands of jobs. use the most advanced technology to protect our water.
Oct 7, 2012 4:00pm PDT
obama: for 18 months he has been running on this tax plan and now, five weeks before the election, he's saying his big bold idea is, never mind. >> chris: what is strong about that? >> well, you know, it takes the big issue of taxes that they had gone back and forth about for several minutes, in the first opening block, and, it capsu capsulized the president's argument in one sentence and it creates a moment that the press can catch onto, a sound bite the press can replay and the audience can grab onto and it was the president's best line of the night. beyond that, he was very much on defense, the entire night. >> chris: now, you say that both candidates, both candidates, also stumbled during the debate, and this one, i have to say i didn't need your help on, a mistake obama made repeatedly during the debate. >> you put $90 billion into green jobs. and, i -- look i'm in favor of green energy, $90 billion. that would have hired 2 million teachers. >> chris: and we saw that throughout the debate. and mr. obama kept looking down, while romney was making points, or criticizing him or
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2